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  Art Links
  Here are a few cool places I've found.

Malcolm Sutherland's website is full of the most inspiring drawings and animations I've ever seen.

His films are currently achieving individual awareness on the festival circuit and have won numerous prizes around the world.

This artist has also made cards available from Lucworks.

see cards by Malcolm

Oola Image

Geneviève Ayotte

The reincarnation of an 18th century Dutch painter, madmoiselle Ayotte is loving live and tripping out on the light.

See more of her painbrush play on her website

Oola Image

The Droid Chronicles

Whoa la ! As they say... this is some serious chicken turf with horse stompin' rant-a-marash.

I don't know how to explain the delight tickling my heartstrings whislt reading this little ditty and listening to the sweet track that accompanied it into existence.

I strongly suggest you let their special genius play along your own soul harp. Hooray for Spaceship Graveyard!


Il fantastique par Mia

Yeh, Clement!

Penmaster perfect takes flight and blesses paper with his fabulous mind; ever the industrious artist, papa magic works in many dimensions, building, carving, drawing and designing... all kinds of stuff... including animation machines!


Oola Image

Fred Mahieu, l'enfant terrible de la bd, est connu pour avoir gagné deux années de suite le prix de "Meilleure Bande Dessinée Francophone" au gala Expozine.

Allez-y faire un tour, vous allez voir que c'est vraiment spécial.

Et HASEMEISTER s'expose... au Café Atomic / Le Septième (3606 Ontario E) à 10 avril à 19h00

hasermeister image

The marvelous material magic of Jamie Quail.



Zombie eating bear

Jean-François Desmarais is a designer sculptor working in the Montréal area.

His broad style ranges from aesetic minamalism to recycling baroque. Check him out at!

Also see performances / instalations produced with Farine Orphaline.

Meuble recyclé

Ben Jacques' animations and drawings are, as they say, 'incroyable'! You can't beat heroic, zombie-eating grisly bears saving the world with love.

Truly an artist after my own heart.

More by the ACAD art revolution

Zombie eating bear
  Business Links
  Here are a few cool businesses I've found.

le Septieme / Cafe Atomic

3606 rue Ontario est, Montréal, Québec

This place is paradise.

If you're in Montréal and want delicious (and cheap) coffee in an eclectic atomosphere and/or want to rent from an excellent repertory style selection of flims (including films from the annual Fantasia Film Festival) - come here.

bureau atomic image

Compost Montréal

Info: 514 690 5773

Enfin une collecte ! Réduisez vos déchets de 40% !

Do your part for a healthier environment - only $5 a week!

compost montreal

Independent Messenger Service

Info: 514 815 8550

IM is a very progressive, messenger owned courier company serving greater Montréal.

Biker with wings

Affirming Workplace Solutions

Corinne Tessier

Here's a management consulting company that advises businesses on ways to do business as if people and the planet matter. Their philosophy and business practices are illustrated in their president's personal calling card.

story journey image


Dominique Beauchamp

Dom is a wicked web-site programmer robot who shares my office and teaches me coloquial French, at Café Atomic.

Ça brasse dans cabane !

robo dominique

Futur Simple

Fabien Bonnefoi

This FABULOUS designer of web-sites and creator of flashy films also just published a new album of original music.

story journey image

Jaron's Wacky Tales

Jaron Summers

Humerous stories, articles, novels and screenplays from the man responsible for, amoung other works, screenplays for Star Trek, The Hulk and Battlestar Gallactica (the original).

story journey image
  More Links
  Here are a few more cool links.

Atomic Comic Jam

On the first Friday of every month we gather in paradise for foolish pusuits. Everyone is welcome.

Les autre chose par Fred...

Comic Jam

IF is host to a great variety of cool drawings and illustration resources... every Friday!

See this week's submission

illustration friday image
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