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  Feel the Force
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The Future You Will See

Here's one of Malcolm's four latest EMPIRE UNCUT films. This one features the vocal talents of yours truly, channeling Gollem, it sounds like.

What a treat it was to watch this little beauty take shape.

Watch it on Vimeo.


empire uncut by Malcolm S - Luke Drops Everything

Shamanic Visions

Here at Lucworks we are proud to share a few of the recent digital missives created by Nomis Chickenhorse the Martian Punk Elf, a.k.a. Reverend Funk.

The Bear Hug
Portrait 96
Art by nomis


Nomis Chickenhorse - Bear Hug

Nomis and the Ninja

Nomis Chickenhorse
Portrait 119
Art by nomis


Nomis Chickenhorse - Nomis Chickenhorse

Power Portrait

Portrait 133
Art by nomis

Nomis is making 1000 portraits in this current series. You can find a wealth of awesome portraits on his facebook page.

Nomis Chickenhorse - Sorcerer
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