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  ZOMBIE PLANET - The Comic Book ( a.k.a. Planète )
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Page 14

Meanwhile in the observation lobe: adorning herself with the tools necesary to peer deep within the fabric of the cosmos, the Feminine Power prepares herself to look for material evidence (clues) to the events of a troubling prophetic dream.

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Page 13

Awakening from a dream in the garden of eden, she travels to her lab to search for a way to visualize her troubling feeling in this, the first , full colour appearence of the Feminine Power.

Our Savior : she lives!

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page 13

Page 6

Here's a sample of the grisly sequences in Zombie Planet!

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page 6

Page 7

Schhhlop! Plop! Splash!

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page 7
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Sample Pages

Random pages from Zombie Planete - to whet your appetites!

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  Colouring Zombie Planet - Preselling Issues Now!

In Living Colour!

I believe that colour and texture are going to make Zombie Planet the greatest Zombie vs Magical Samurai epic the world has ever seen.

I'm pre-selling comics and posters to make this dream a reality.

Check it out !

Video produced and edited by Yan Abud!

Zombie Planet - Colouring the Comic from Lucas Fehr on Vimeo

Colour Zombies Grave Escape thumb Atomic Zombies thumb Reverend Funk Zombie thumb Samurai Zombie killer thumb Zombie Party Thumb Witches and Zombies Thumb 2.3 thumb 6.4 7.1 7.2
  7.3-3 7.4-3 9.1-3 tunnel zombies 10.2-4 11.2-zombie attack          
BW sketch ideas for Planète Witches and Zombies Thumb Mint and Cola Experiment Thumb Seeding Zombies thumb Slaughter Kitten Thumb Little stuff thumb 11.1-lines Trout lines 6.4 lines 27.0 lines zombie scare pose meatball attraction
  zombie pit and monuments                  
Images from Zombie Planet Grave Escape thumb Grave Escape thumb 2.3 thumb 6.4 7.1 7.2 15.1-3.jpg 15.5-4.jpg taking the plunge 15.5-4.jpg taking the plunge 15.7-2 space lab
  4.4 thumb 3.2 thumb 3.13 invitation to an epic tale 8.0 zombie slasher 8.1 lw and fp across the either        
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Zombie Planet ! (a.k.a. Planète)

The story is the greatest zombie epic ever told because finally zombies live up to their potential for planetary transformation!

Pre-order a copy for Christmas 2012 and get the most amazing Magical Samurai vs Zombie story ever seen - just in time for our own mysterious, planetary awakening.

Zombie Planet Comic
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The Love Warrior - Special Pin-up Poster!

The story of our journey towards the Source is a fascinating mystery of ever growing awe.

Begin your epic quest on Zombie Planet with a limited edition poster of the Love Warrior - Zombie Planet's first catalyst for change.


Poster - love warrior
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  Want to see it live?

It wants to live!

You can help me give birth to the most ambitious creative challenge I've yet attempted!

Keep me warm. Keep me in coffee. Keep me colouring!

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2.3 story whisper
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  PLANÈTE - Le Bande Dessinée ( a.k.a. Zombie Planet )

Planète Parfait

The sun caresses the brilliant blue of Planète, a world in harmony, bursting with life and creativity where peace reigns and all minds thrive in a state of symbiotic singularity.

This is a world a lot like our own with a story full of drama, hardship, heroism, love, virtue, transformation...

... and zombies!


planète sunrise
  PLANÈTE (a.k.a. Zombie Planet) - ETA Christmas 2012
A Lucwork in progress....

Free Dismembership!

Do you love zombies? Would you love to see these delicious horrors in contrast with the greatest transformation collective consciouness can conceive of? I can hardly wait to share it with you!

Put your name on the list of people interested in a copy of this full colour, splatter-manifesto of love and apocalyptic transformation.

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hero cake card mike
  More Comics
  All Lucworks Art Cards can technically be considered comics, but the following examples best fit the traditional description.

Sweetly Seasonal

This year's RAM Christmas card: an experiment with the 'traditional' genre.



pond hockey

The Ram Saves Santa

The third annual RAM Christmas card, commissioned by Robitaille Asset Managment for their clients and friends, replete with in-jokes and personal roastings and brought to you by the magic of Lucworks.


Ram Man Christmas Card

Punch it!

Hey RAM fans, nerds, ladies and gentlemen! In light of an adventurous season of economic turbulence, RAM (Robitaille Asset Managment) would like to wish you discipline, faith and... may the force be with you!

This little ditty is also my christmas card to you - because I love it (and it took up all my christmas craft time). Enjoy!



RAM 2D2 Card

Space Mou

In the spirit of generosity and unconditional love, Mou (a toutou of few words) leads the way, setting a shining example by his actions.

To a brave new year of battling the 'borg-ish' robo numbers of conformity with generous love. And to more and more of Mou!

More Mou...

Spirit of Generosity Comic - Mou

Independent Messenger's Angelic Delivery Service

Delivering the right message at the right time is the specialty of Independent Messenger - a progressive messenger-owned courier company based in Montréal, Québec.

more IM material...

Independent Messenger Comic
© 2007 copyright Lucas Fehr