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  Personalize-able Birthday Card Templates
  The following cards are modifiable templates to which:
- photos can be added
- characters and images can be changed
- all text can be modified

Nature Wizard

May all your best wishes - dreams of paradise and etcetera - bear sweet fruit!

Why not? It's your birthday and you're the wizard of wishes.

Give this boon to someone special and watch the hope alight like candles on their cake!

Nature Wizard Birthday Card

Show Spectacular

The existence of the birthday boy or girl is a occaision worth celebrating - with a host of extraterrestrial oddities to sing their praises!

Personalize this party card and give it to your loved one with gusto!

Show Spectacular Card

Tribute in Stone

Someone you revere and love having a very special birthday? Celebrate this milestone with the closest thing to Mount Rushmore - a family mountain!

Give this tribute to someone special and they will cherish it. We promise!


Family Mountian Card

You're my treasure!

Spy some birthday booty? Send them a personalized treasure map to your heart with birthday wishes like no other.

See the general version of this card.

Pirate Birthday Booty Card

A Sentiment So Sweet

Have a pet phrase shared by only you and your... honey? This provocative little number is the sort of thing they'll pin-up on the fridge... or keep in their perfumed letter box of keep sakes.

See the general version of this card.

See the Easter version of this Card.

Honey bunny surprise card

Mou Like You

Mou is Lucworks' resident expert on all things (terrestrial and extra), but if there's one that makes Mou an expert expert, its making others feel special.

more examples...


Mou like you card

Hero Cake

Dream up a really special way to celebrate your favourite birthday 'hero' or 'star'. Give them a medal and put their picture in the frame, alter any of the text, etc.

more examples...


hero cake card mike

Passport to Your Life

Celebrate their journey by creating a crest and stamps to represent their gifts and personal milestones.

more examples...

passport to opportunity card

Angel's Tree

Celebrate the gifts of your favourite angel by placing a few of their best qualities emerging on earth.

more examples...

Angels Tree Card

Canned Goodness

Put the perfect label on a slippery character and show how much you appreciate all or their 'canned goodness'.

more examples...

Canned Goodness Birthday Card

Solar Revolutionary

Show how many successfull revolutions they've had around the sun and decorate their cake with all everything they've picked up along the way.

more examples...

Solar Revolutionary Birthday Card

Special Baby

Choose a very 'special' image to represent your very 'special' recipient, change the punch-line, include a present, put their baby picture on the back, etc.

more examples...

Special Baby Birthday Card
Late Cards  

Sweet Dreamer Late Card - Clown

It's the thought that counts, right? Why not put your best intentions in a late birthday surprise? They'll never see it coming.

more examples...

Sweet Dreamer Belated Birthday Card

Sloppy Sentiment

Whoops, everyone makes mistakes - maximize your clumbsiness with a shocking late birthday card.

more examples...

Late Emergency Birthday Card
Astrology Cards  

Canned Goodness Pisces

Go fishing for fun facts about your funny and fishy friend and crack open a can of goodness.

more examples...

Pisces Birthday Card

Ram Rock - Aries

Fire it up for your favourite Aries with an explosive show of appreciation - tailoring their musical tastes accordingly....

more examples...

Aries Birthday Card

Virgo's Breakthrough

Organize symbols that represent your your favourite Virgo in a nest of well-laid plans in the midst of emergence.

more examples...

Virgo Birthday Card

Libra's Circus Tricks

Present that special Libra with a spectaclular balancing act reflecting their unique skills.

more examples...

Libra Birthday Card

Special Baby - Scorpio

Zap that special stinger with a very 'special' image of them in the throes of loving their own existence, poking fun at their mischeivous natures.

more examples...

Scorpio Birthday Card

Hot Shot - Sagittarius

Place your hot shot's favourite things in a traveling case, dress up their centaur and make sure your best wishes are right on target.

more examples...

Sagittarius Birthday Card
Zombie Party Cards  

Zombie Party Card - Free Dismembership

Depict your favourite zombie lover as a samurai space warrior cutting through hoards of living dead - while they sing 'happy birthday'!

more examples...

Zombie Party Birthday Card

Slice of Life Card

Let's have a zombie party and make quick work of unwanted party crashers!

You can order your friend's face drawn in place of the sultry space samurai.

more examples...

Zombie Party Birthday Card

Zombie Party Card - Destiny Funk

Give a friendly freak a ghoulish surprise they'll never expect - as they're drawn as the hub of a gratuitous zombie masacre!


Zombie Party Birthday Card
Custom Cards  

Bill's Big 50

Everything about this giant card (printed at 3 ' by 1.5') represents the lucky family man and his many interests and pursuits.


Big Bills 50th Birthday Card

Choo Choo 4 You

Little Sam just turned 4 and so everything on 'magic mountain' is in multiples of four. He loves trains and stories and his mom made him a wonderful Batman costume last halloween.

His adoring Grandfather commissioned this card.

Now Youre 4 Birthday Card

Old Haunts - Custom Birthday Card

The eldest brother of a family of 7 kids remembers a typical family tableau in their new neighborhood and recreates the details of his memory in a birthday card for his sister, right down to the spoon lightning rod and the bucket of KFC.


Old Haunts Memory Birthday Card

Moon Dad

"Bobby Bear" the "Bochan" (master darling) builder always wanted to be an astronaut, but his latest bout of cleverness was to concieve of a portable shelter for the homeless. His old boots and his safety consciousness are reflected here.


Moon Dad Birthday Card
© 2007 copyright Lucas Fehr