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  Personalize-able Father's Day Cards
  The following cards are modifiable templates to which:
- photos can be added
- characters and images can be changed
- all text can be modified

Celebrating the Founding Fathers

My Dad's better than your Dad - he's the father of time! Take that George W!


See the general card.

An Easy Rider Production

Baby Robo Builder

Your Dad did his best to keep you running and he managed it without a manual.

With this card you can change the text and put tools in the little robot's hands - whatever best fits the skills your father gave you.

more examples...

Robo Dad Fathers Day Card Thumb

Patriarchal Perfection

Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man is nothing compared with your papa or grandad. Have them illustrated along with all that makes them special in da Vinci's famous geometric model for perfection - and heap on them immeasurable praise.

more examples...

Patriarchal Perfection Fathers Day Card thumb
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