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  Virgo's Break-through Birthday Card

Break-through Card

Virgo's nest is well organized with many images representing a life well-lived.

This recipient owns a dog named 'Rocky' - which should explain the Labrador in boxing gloves and American flag shorts.


virgos emergence card thumb

Sisterhood Seal

A celebration of sisterhood is what drove this personalized card from one sister to another.



virgos emergence card thumb

Personality Emerging

A magic age where the whole world finally considers you an adult is reason enough to order personalized card for a virgo whose plans are already hatching.


virgos emergence card thumb

So Lucky

This recipient's pet name is 'Rose'. She's been presented with the award for being the world's most dedicated walker for her persistence at travelling by foot in all weather.

Note how your recipient's characteristics are represented in the angel.

virgos emergence card thumb
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