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  The Season's Greetings
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Ornamental Bling

The team at Scotia Bank have decorated the tree with their beautiful selves - what a charming way to make your Christmas greeting personal.

little red and the sea wolf

Polar Pilgrimage

Jacob, Diana, Julia and Ben Jaremko-Rucker were on the road to Santa's workshop this year, bringing presents to Father Christmas himself.

As doctors, Jacob and Diana's elves are reflect the individual aspects of their trade.


Christmas Pilgrimage Card

Trading Joy

Here's the card from the Dejardins Securities team in all their individual awesomeness; there's a lot of personal information hidden in this drawing.

Big Fiftieth Birthday Card Cover

Mou Rock

Mou and his friends are feeling the spirit of the season - giving a free concert from a roof in east end Montréal - when Santa chimes in a special cameo.



pond hockey

Sweetly Seasonal

This year's RAM Christmas card: an experiment with the 'traditional' genre.



pond hockey

The Ram Saves Santa

The third annual RAM Christmas card, commissioned by Robitaille Asset Managment for their clients and friends, replete with in-jokes and personal roastings and brought to you by the magic of Lucworks.


Ram Man Christmas Card

Punch it!

Hey RAM fans, nerds, ladies and gentlemen! In light of an adventurous season of economic turbulence, RAM (Robitaille Asset Managment) would like to wish you discipline, faith and... may the force be with you!

This little ditty is also my christmas card to you - because I love it (and it took up all my christmas craft time). Enjoy!



RAM 2D2 Card

Space Mou

In the spirit of generosity and unconditional love, Mou (a toutou of few words) leads the way, setting a shining example by his actions.

To a brave new year of battling the 'borg-ish' robo numbers of conformity with generous love. And to more and more of Mou!

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Spirit of Generosity Comic - Mou
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