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  We Believe in You Card Templates

For Every Season and Every Reason

Celebrate the existence of someone special with a card that highlights what is on the tip of your imagination.

This card is very flexible. You can give this card for any reason, in any season.

We Believe in You Card

Raison d'être

La version fraçaise et même plus polit.

We Believe in You Card

Object of our adoration

Even better than being placed on a pedestal, make them the idol of heaven; the glowing object of your affection smiling down on mythical figures - who are mere shaddows of the real tihng.

Or something like that. It's your card!

Look - another card in Latvian!

We Believe in You Card

Gentle Creatures

Choose a 'politically correct' version of the first panel - that doesn't include God, evolution, global warming or the i-ching.

To each their own, after-all.

See other personalized versions of this card.

We Believe in You Card

Follow the Rainbow

You'll find a wee leprechaun standing by his pot-o-gold and that means you can use this card for St. Patrick's Day as well.

Give a bit of green to celebrate the luckiest of our holidays!

Verez la version français.

We Believe in You Card

Reason for Being!

Notice how this card celebrates both the recipient's birthday AND St Patrick's Day.

This card is very flexible.

We Believe in You Card
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