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  Political Cards
  Note: this card was made for artistic purposes only (i.e. not for sale).

I Dubya Saint George!

My friend Malcolm had a dream that George W Bush held a spontaneous press conference to broadcast his wishes for peace and goodwill to all people of the earth, vowing to lead America toward a path of love and reliquish her warlike ways. It had a more profound effect on people around the world even than 911; all of a sudden people were smiling and walking around with their heads up, hearts open, their fear gone, thinking, 'hey, we're going to be okay.'

He had this dream just before St. Patrick's day - hence this free political card.

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  Revolutionary Cards

Fail to Submit

Happy Tax Day! Vive l'esprit American !

The inside of this card is blank. You can use it as a vehicle for changing the system. Save the world - and save your money!

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