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  Custom Art Cards
  The following are a few examples of Lucworks Art Cards that have been made to order. Custom cards are:
- personal and original communication tools
- art that reflects your individual philosophy and company spirit
- souveniers friends and clients alike will keep on the fridge for ages...

Creature Feature

Mange ta ville is a Montréal based tv show on CBC's ARTV. This invitation was made for an episode featuring the pop sensation Creature who recorded a terrific rock show at O Patro Vys.

Watch the episode featuring Lucworks.

Mange ta ville creature invitation

Atomic Bombshell

This postcard sized ad was placed in the 2007 program of Montréal's annual Fantasia Film Festival for the very special Atomic Cafe.

Extra points if you recognize the architecture.

Atomic Cafe Bunny Bombshell

Mutant Magnet

This post card adverisment is used as promotional material for the coolest coffee house (Atomic Cafe)/ repertorie video store combo (le Septième), Montréal's east end has to offer.

Many of the cafe's regulars are featured here.



Atomic Cafe Atomicano

Affirming Workplace Solutions

Here's a management consulting company that advises businesses on ways to do business as if people and the planet matter. Their philosophy and business practices are illustrated in their president's personal calling card.

Visit Affirming Workplace Solutions to find out more about what they do.

Affirming Workplace Solutions Card

Racing RAM Card

The dynamic team at Robitaille Asset Management (RAM) know how to show off their Christmas spirit; they send their clients and colleagues an original art card that reflects their personal interests and their commitment to a great race.

RAM Custom Christmas Card

Beaming Warm Wishes

The team at Bank of Montréal: Nesbitt Burns puts a personal touch on their Christmas greetings by including themselves at the helm of a snazzy starship beaming warm wishes to all their friends and clients in Montréal and abroad.

more examples...

BMO Christmas Card French

Inviting Celebration

Calgary consulting company Eithier and Associates celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a look at where they began as a business and where they've arrived.

The founder is featured on the cover and the partners on the inside.

more Ethier promotions...

Ethier Anniversary Invitation

Spirit of Generosity

Who better to rescue the Red Saint (a.k.a. Santa Claus) than your well-deserving recipient - who we will refer to in this card as the 'spirit of generosity'.

This card was comissioned, as a show of thanks, for a very generous tax lawyer.

Red Saint Christmas Card

Playing the Game

Friends and clients alike know this busy, hockey playing real-estate agent as 'Goalie Bob'. This personal calling card is sent out with gift baskets as a thank you and given as a footnote to introductions. It's fitting that most of his deals get made at the rink.

Visit Goalie Bob.

Goalie Bob Card

Aston Boy - English Language Puzzel Card

Comics are an excellent teaching tool. Students at Aston English language centre in China were given these English language puzzel cards at a special school christmas party.

Aston English Language Christmas Card

Running Screamer

This Halloween history card was originally commissioned to celebrate an unforgettable visit between two dear friends whose reunion was punctuated by a giant halloween party and an animated retelling of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

more examples...

Halloween History Card

The Great Inventor

"Bobby Bear" the "Bochan" (master darling) builder always wanted to be an astronaut, but his latest bout of cleverness was to concieve of a portable shelter for the homeless. His old boots and his safety consciousness are reflected here.

Moon Dad Birthday Card

Choo Choo 4 You

Little Sam just turned 4 and so everything on 'magic mountain' is in multiples of four. He loves trains and stories and his mom made him a wonderful Batman costume last halloween.

His adoring Grandfather commissioned this card.

Sam turns 4 Card

Bill's Big 50

Everything about this giant card (printed at 3 ' by 1.5') represents the lucky family man and his many interests and pursuits.

50th Birthday Celebration Card

Missing You Memory Card

Here a papa yearns to see a daughter who lives on the other end of the continent. He shares with her a few of his favourite father-daughter moments.

Designed to illicit a long awaited reunion - this card finally achieved it's goal one year later.

Father-daughter missing you card

The Ski Lesson

This custom father's day card tells the story of a son who retells a memorable lesson he learned while in the act of disobeying his father on their first ski-trip together.

Ski Lesson Fathers Day Card

Reverend Funk Rides A-Flame

This custom birthday card was designed for a sculptor and performance artist and is figuratively gushing with personal references.

more zombie cards...

Reverend Funk Zombie Party Card

We've Moved!

This address update postcard features the very balcony visitors will see when they first arrive at the new house.

weve moved postcard thumb
© 2007 copyright Lucas Fehr