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  Personalize-able Congradulations Cards
  The following cards are modifiable templates to which:
- photos can be added
- characters and images can be changed
- all text can be modified

Freedom Finder

Your buddy's heart will just soar when they see their great joy and relief depicted in a representation of their recent success. The future never looked so good!


See the blank card you write in yourself!



Freedom Finder Card




New Digs!

Buying a house is a big commitment. Honour those you know who've taken this giant step by giving them a treasure hunt and hide symbols of those things that bring them joy around their new abode.

more examles...

New Digs Congratulations Card thumb

Passport to Opportunity

Now that they've passed the test, they're ready for a new stamp in their passport and a promise of great things to come. Wish them well and send them packing by creating them a personal crest and some stamps that represent the places they've been and will be.

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Passport of Opportunity Congratulations Card

You're the Prize!

Did someone you know just cross a milestone or conquor something really momentous? Order them a trophy designed to their specifications and present them their award to raucous applause.

youre the prize congratulations card thumb

Stage Rescue Card

Show them how much you appreciate their hard work by celebrating their artistic efforts with a 'break-a-leg' card. These cards are blank on the inside to leave room for lots of signatures - a whole cast, for example - but they can easily be adapted to include a maquette of the set or even your favourite scene from the show.

Theatre Planet Card thumb

Moving Gestures

These silent characters speak volumes, but you can put words in their mouths. You're the director.

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Theatre Planet Card thumb

Hail to the New Heroes

Congratulations Mom and Dad, you just achieved a new level of respect... normally reserved for gods. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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New Baby Card
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